Wednesday, December 1, 2004

The Beginning...

I cant remember for sure when I started scrapbooking. I think it was in December of 2004. It all started with a small kit that I picked up at Michaels that included an album. I started scrapping the road trip that moved me to ID. It didnt take me long to figure out that wasnt going to satisfy me. The starter kit came with a glue stick, so the pictures quickly began popping off the pages and there were just too many things I could see that I wanted to try.

At first I didnt scrap often or with much skill, I would just turn on the TV and crop away. I began buying different types of glue and a few embellishments here and there. By the time I went home to CA for Christmas I was pretty hooked. For Christmas that year I got almost exclusively scrap stuff. At the time I didnt know how lucky I was! I got a ton of Creative Memories stuff to get started, including their organization stuff which I now prize.

For a long time I continued to scrap alone, without making use of resources, I didnt know I had, such as online scrap magazines, printed magazines and tons of groups/blog/websites devoted to scrapping.

It wasnt long until I made my first card. Once I made my first card I was a beyond addicted, cards became my passion, I made many more cards than I ever made scrap pages.