Sunday, December 28, 2008

Who's A Scrapper?

Me right??

I was just looking at my blog and its been months since I was able to post an entry about something I've made. What a bummer! At the moment I'm working on putting my scrapbook room together and I have a few projects up my sleeve. Now I just need to get stuff put away and get started on them.

I hope to post a new project soon!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mini Clipboard Magnets

Some mini projects I have worked on over the last few days...

Magnets for Maria

Magnet for Hilda

These are fun and easy, just covered coasters (thanks OutBack, lol)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Few More Projects

A few projects I have done recently...

Scrapping Spree!

I got quite a bit of scrapping done last weekend. Im proud of myself, Im a slow scrapper so when I get a few projects done Im happy.

Ice Cream Card

Ice Cream 12x12 LO

Birthday LO 12x12

Photographs 12x12 LO

I had so much fun scrapping all this that Im going to do it again this weekend in SWF. I'm hosting a "Scrapping Spree". We are going to scrap all weekend :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Scrapper's Stress

Today Im starting to feel a bit of scrappers stress! I have a tone of things I need to be working on for SWF, but since I just got back from TX Im so exhausted its hard to make myself work hard.

Here is a list of what I can think of off the top of my head I should be doing.

-Updating SSS spreadsheet
-Returning emails
-CJ emails (with deadlines)
-Double checking SWF party time line
-Finishing party projects

Yikes...and tomorrow I get to go to Shemaine's for another scrap date so I gotta get ready for that to in the time I need to be party planning. Good thing though, I will be needing the break! lol

Thursday, July 10, 2008

More New Cards

Since I dont have access to my photo printer I have been working on cards or projects when I want to scrap. This is really a good thing because it adds more cards to my card box and gives me a few choices when I need a card 'right now'.

Here are the 2 cards I made last night.

This one is a technique that will be showcased in SWF before too long.

This one is just because I saw a similar card at Target and I liked it a lot. The inside is blank cause there are a few options it can be used for.
Today we are having a QPMU (scrap day) in SWF so I will be scrapping again. Im going to try to work on my circle journal or my circle album that I have to get out ASAP

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Scrapping for the Day

I scrapped around Kayla today, some during nap time and some after she left. I got a few more things finished up.

I made this card...for no reason. I just felt like doing one. I used my new CTMH stamps and a tutorial from splitcoaststampers. The head on the lion is supposed to tilt but it doesnt so much. Still cute anyway I think.

I also made this little book from scraps of paper left over from my giant clothes pin. I like how it came out. Im trying to decide what to do with it, use it as a prize for the SWF party or not.

The last thing I made before I had to clean up my huge mess was a keychain/embellishment. I saw this in a magazine and wanted to try it. I think it will be cute if I laminate it...but again, what to do with it??

New Projects

Last night I worked on some new projects while watching a National Treasure Book of Secrets (pretty good movie) with Brandon and Kim.

I got to finish my giant clothes pin...I had to wait for the mod podge to dry. Here's what it ended up looking like.

I enjoyed making this so much I was bummed that the scrap store didnt have anymore...I kinda want to keep it for myself lol. But I know since I do want it that whomever wins it will like it :) If you look closely at the bottom you can see that there is a small hole so it can be hung up or sat on a table. IF I really do get my scrap room when I get home I plan to have one of these in it...

I also finished a 6x6 album that is going to be a party project, and a gift. Here's the front and one of the inside pages. Its tough to make things without adding pictures!

Now I just have to figure out which game/thread I want them to be prizes for.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

CTMH Order

I got my CTMH order today I was so excited! This was my first order so I didnt know exactly what to expect. I ripped it open and looked at all my stamps, cause of course I didnt have my scrap with my stuff so I was only able to look.

Here is my loot!

I cant wait to get to play with it!
Im going to another of Shemaine's workshops on the 11th...I have to keep myself from ordering anything this time though. Bummer!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Scrap Class

This week I stopped by Now and Then Scrapbooks and I picked up a class schedule. They just happened to be doing a class today on acrylic books which I own but have never tried to use. I talked my mom into signing up for the only class (9am) and away we went.
I just had this feeling even before we got there that things werent going to go smoothly (probably due to them not having the price or the time right in the flier) and I was right. The teacher had not been informed that we had signed up (we did it only the day before) so she hadnt planned on coming in. Well after an hour of wandering around we agreed to come back to the 4pm class (which didnt exist the day before). The lady also suggested that we stay for the crop night afterwards.
While at home my mom looked through a Paper Trends magazine I had picked up there and saw a cute decorated cupcake bag and decided to make that her project after the class. So that meant we had to run to Michaels and pick up all the needed supplies. Since my mom doesnt scrap I figured I should make one to or I would never get my own project done anyway since I would be helping her.

I wasnt as thrilled as I thought I would be with the outcome of our acrylic crown albums but I think I can fix it up since everything is just fastened with glue dots. It was a good experience anyway, and now I just gotta buy some Staz on ink so I can use it on the albums I have at home.
Here is our finished project....

My mom and I working on our albums

After the class ended we joined two other ladies in a crop night, I guess most of the regulars were on vacation. They were very nice, both of them were CTMH consultants and doing cute projects.
Of course we forgot to take a picture of us working on our albums but Corrina took a few pictures of us when we got home with our projects.

Decorated gift bags

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

CTMH Order

My CTMH order so I dont forget what Im getting!

C1276 Adventure
C1203 Totally Chic
*C1270 Pure Love (free)
*C1234 Simply Stitches (free from workshop)

D1189 Floral Delights
D1200 Adorable Backgrounds
*D1011 In the Wild (free)

A1094 Make My Day

Z819 Circle Window Charms
Z726 Sponge Daubers
Z1298 Texture Tools
Z261 Double Scrubber
Z1038 My Acrylix Organizer
Spritz cleaner

I cant wait for it to come in!

Friday, June 20, 2008

CTMH Workshop

I went to my first Close To My Heart workshop this evening. One of the 'old' members of SWF was having one and I couldnt wait to try it out. I managed to be early since I didnt know how bad traffic was going to be going to LA and the other ladies were late which worked out well because it gave Shemaine and I some time to talk in person and get to know each other even better.

The other ladies that came were very nice and made me feel welcome. The projects were even better! We made a decorated bookmark/bag tag with stamps. It was fun to see how each of our were different even though we all had the same supplies and the same demo to look at. I was lucky because I was last to get started so I got to learn from everyone else's 'mistakes'. Though of course in scrapbooking there are no mistakes, everything is just a learning experience.

The next project we made was an acetate card. I had never worked with this either so it was a fun learning experience. We used special ink that dried immediately. So fast in fact that some of the ladies had trouble using it because it would dry before they got it on to the card. The hard part about using the Stayz On ink is that it really stays on. You have to wash the stamps as soon as you use them to prevent the ink from remaining on them. But it made a nice ink that would not smear on the acetate. Now I have something new too add to 'have tried' list. And new way to make cards.

One of the ladies discovered that though the ink dried quickly it was easily removed with a baby wipe so if we didnt like the placement of a stamp it was easy to wipe off and start again. Shemaine was nice enough to give us an extra piece of acetate so that we can experiment with making cards again at home.

Our final 'arranged' project was a glitter card. This card was fun to make, we placed the stamp on a glue pad (rather than ink) and stamped the image on the paper. We then immediately added glitter. The only issue we ran into was no matter how dry it was the glitter still came off. Even though the card didnt turn out perfect I fell in love with the glitter and plan on grabbing one of every color when I head to that scrap store with Shemaine!

While everyone was wrapping up their projects we were working on 'freestyle' cards. This is what I came up with. I always need blank cards and figure I cant ever have too many laying around.
All in all it was a great night. It was a lot of fun to 'get away' (while on vacation, lol) and do what Im used to doing frequently-scrapping!
I appreciate so much being invited and if it works out before I leave I may just get to go again. There is always more to learn and Im eager to do it.