Friday, July 20, 2007

A Group of My Own

In July of 2007 I opened my own scrapbooking group. I was unsure of how it would work exactly. BUT I had a few core principles that I was determined to stick to, this would make it a place for women to be friends and learn about scrapbooking.

At the beginning of my group I spent hours upon hours monitoring it and trying to make sure it was going in the direction I wanted it too.

Having the group was a great motivator for me to learn new things. Even if I had never tried something myself I would search out how to do it so I could teach others. Looking at all the new things encouraged me to try lots of things I never would have otherwise. I went from pages to cards to altering items and everything in between.

The group took of in ways I never would have imagined.


Thinknpinkmom said...

:) LOVE that group! :)

momma_lizzie said...

I love your group!
And i've done the same thing in my short scrappin time... I've gone fromo pages, to cards, to albums, to alterting things! It's soo fun... though I've been altering things for a while... I just have a better way of doing it now!! I love it!!
And thnx for the compliment... I've said it thousand times, I'm a very artsey/creative person and it really does help with this stuff. I see lots of ppl that just scrap to be scrapping, and just throw stuff together, and that's fine. But I like to have some sort of meaning with my stuff, and I take my time, b/c it's not just making a page, it's remembering what went on in the page, and enjoing yourself while making it!
I'm super cheesey today! yay!!