Friday, January 30, 2009

A Bit of Scrappin

I put up a few shelves in my scrap room today. I decided to quit thinking it to death and just put them up. Once I go them up I got the urge to hang stuff from the knobs. I quickly hung a few RAK/swap items I have had for a while that are some of my favorites so I can look at them more often. Oh...the little heart on the ribbon is just left overs that were sitting here from my cards so I thought I would use them.

Here is the first card of the day...inspired by a picture in "Simply Homemade" It's going to be the V-day card for The Morlan's.

This card was inspired by one of the sketches Beth posted in SWF. It was actually a circle LO sketch, but Im not in the mood to do LOs so this is my interpretation.


Callie Michelle said...

Well you must be making progress towards getting stuff unpacked a little then. Cute cards. Now finish unpacking so you can scrap more! Tehehe!
And hey... I have a valentine to send you but I don't have your new addy so you need to send it to me........ PLEASE!