Monday, February 2, 2009

Today I was chatting with Alayna while trying to figure out something to inspire me to work on an actual LO. She 'challenged' me to work on a BOM page and I thought "why not?", and went hunting for pictures. I came up with pictures from my graduation from nursing school. I really need to look at these pictures because I need to remember what Im working towards...and counting down the days until May.

The first picture/page is probably my favorite picture ever of me with my parents. I cant remember how the photographer got us to laugh-but it looks good anyway.

Here is my second try at a 2pg LO. Im happier with this second try I think. In the first picture my mom has a 'real' laugh on her face so I had to scrap it. Its not too often that we get a shot like that.

If you cant tell-Im trying very hard to work on keeping my pages 'simple' cause I get SO unbelievably frustrated otherwise. I have way too much stuff and it takes me forever to get a page layed out, I go back and forth with how I want things to look-and just never get done. So my goal for now is SIMPLE-these help too cause they are only 8x8s so less space to stress about.

Now Im off to clean up my mess